10 foods that you should avoid yes or yes when you are over 40 years old

For each stage of life there are certain foods that are essential, others that are recommended. There are also recommended exercises for each age group.

But also, at every age, there are foods that should be avoided at all costs. Today we inform you about the foods you should avoid when you turn 40 and beyond.

canned soup

Perhaps when thinking that it is a soup, you will believe that it is healthy, but no. Being canned, this implies that it has been exposed to an adulteration process, which includes a lot of sodium, too much for your body to filter, generating high blood pressure and a possible risk of osteoporosis.

Hot dogs (even if they are vegetarian!)

Sad but true, “fake” processed meats also sometimes contain high levels of chemicals that serve to keep them in the state we know them to be. For example, when they are made with soy. As for real sausages, they’re also full of saturated fat and nitrates, which could lead to diabetes and heart disease.

Barbecued or fried foods

Meat cooked at excessive temperatures increases the levels of hydroxycitric acid in it, and when eaten, the protein could represent a health problem, since it is carcinogenic.

Some studies have even revealed that barbecued or fried foods are linked to prostate, pancreatic, and colorectal cancer.


The amount of sugar in a biscuit is higher than the amount of sugar recommended by experts, and if you add that to the other ingredients that a single industrial biscuit contains, the result is alarming. The excessive intake of cookies results in the change of cell membranes, arteries and even hormones.

almond milk

When choosing a replacement for milk, one that contains fortified calcium and vitamin D to promote healthy bones would be recommended, as the absence of calcium from traditional milk will be important. Avoid at all costs milks that must be flavored excessively with the help of sugar, such as almond milk.

sugar free snacks

These products that claim to be sugar-free are actually made of artificial sugar, which turns out to be worse than natural sugar, or added fats that don’t need to be explained. You should always be aware of foods that have excess sodium, trans fats or refined flours.

Hot sauce

If you are a woman and you are entering or are already in menopause or if you suffer from gastrointestinal reflux or hot flashes, it is not recommended that spicy foods enter your diet, since they contain high levels of sodium, negatively influencing blood pressure and blood pressure. bone health.


Contrary to popular belief, margarine as a replacement for regular butter is not the healthiest thing to do. Some margarines contain oils that are hydrogenated, that is, trans fats. Instead of using margarine, a good option would be olive oil.

too much dough

These types of refined and processed carbohydrates contain high glycemic levels, raising blood sugar levels and contributing to weight gain, heart disease and diabetes. It won’t hurt once, but it’s not good to eat pasta every day.

Iced coffee, or iced coffee

When it comes to health blows, this one is a triple threat as it contains saturated fat, caffeine, and sugar at the same time. Saturated fats by themselves keep us restless and coffee keeps us awake. This can lead to an alteration of our sleep cycle.

These are the foods to avoid once you hit 40. There are many more that you should avoid, but these are some of the most common that we see in any supermarket and we can include it in our purchases thinking that they are harmless.