10 Best Kefir Options to Buy Online: Kefir Water, Milk and Grains

Although many people think of kefir as a medicine, kefir water and kefir milk are 100% natural, soothing and nourishing food that provide your organism with a large amount of essential prebiotics for a proper digestion. Read on to find the 10 best kefir options to buy online for kefir water, milk and grains.

There are two main ways to include probiotics into one’s daily meal plan: one is by consuming more foods that are considered natural probiotics, such as yogurt or kefir, for example; another one is by taking supplements. These live organisms can help you restore the good bacteria and natural flora missing in your gut. Probiotics are rarely bad for people, but in case you’re sensitive to lactose or gluten, please consult with your doctor which options can suit you best.

With no further ado, we’ll present you here with 10 alternatives to include kefir water, kefir milk or grains in your diet to not only benefit your digestive and immune system but also to boost your general wellbeing. Time to do some research!

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Our Top Pick for Kefir Water

This very tasty kefir milk by Lifeway is almost entirely lactose-free, it’s also gluten-free, and non-GMO ingredients are included in its recipe; only natural raw ingredients.

This kefir milk tastes as kefir milk should:

  • It’s a delicious berry flavored cultured dairy drink
  • It’s packed with protein, calcium, and 12 different live and active probiotic cultures.
  • The smoothie texture is the best!

Kefir water or milk can significantly support a healthy immune system if you drink it on a regular basis.

You can whip it into a dip, or simply pour yourself a glass and enjoy the many benefits of kefir. Buy on Amazon

Grass-fed is better for cows, better for farmers, better for the land and better for you!

This amazing organic, belly-friendly, unsweetened probiotics brought to you by Maple Hill’s is organic and delicious. An ideal product to sip from the bottle or to incorporate in recipes or smoothies.

  • All cows at Maple Hill are pasture-raised, bringing a 100% grassfed kefir milk.
  • You’ll definitely fall for this organic dairy and the many variations with this product.
  • No artificial ingredients included: no antibiotics, no hormones, no GMOs and no additives.

Maple Hill Creamery plain kefir is also gluten free, 100% organic and suitable for Kosher. Buy on Amazon

Another Kefir milk brought by Lifeway, but strawberry flavor, this time. What can be said about it?

Pack your meals. your kids’ lunch for example, with a great probiotic. The no-spill pouches can surely contribute to their creativity, take care of their gut, and nourish their wellbeing.

  • There are several flavors to enjoy!

Blueberry and strawberry kefir cultured milk are among the most popular ones. But you can also try exotic fruit or dessert inspired flavors.

This kefir mil is made of only clear ingredients. It’s also hormone- and GMO-free, naturally sweetened and great for your gut system. Buy on Amazon

Try taking your daily intake of prebiotics one step further, by making your own kefir water or milk at home!

How am I? Well, kefir grains or powdered starters come ready to be activated and you can buy them online. This Kefir starter here is brought to you by Cultures for Heath, long known for their experience in manufacturing high quality products. And these kefir powdered starters are no exception:

Preparing your own kefir water or milk has never been easier than with this powdered starter. Buy on Amazon.

Each box contains 6 packets ready to be used to make cultured water, milks or even other types of cultured dairy.

As it’s the case with any kefir alternative, the live cultures packed in this kefir starter can help you to:

  • Support better digestion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Kefir water or milk can be more tolerable than regular yogurts, so why not giving it a go?
  • Minimize cravings: we all have cravings, and usually for unhealthy, fatty food. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a treat from time to time, but kefir happens to be a natural alternative to help you here.

Try incorporating one glass of kefir water or milk a day, and the general wellbeing in your body will naturally come along. Buy on Amazon

The fresher the probiotics, the more benefits to your health. Making your cultured foods at home results in more live probiotics than regular store kefir products:

  • Better results: using Live Kefir Grains full of nutrients and more probiotic is more nutritious than store-bought alternatives.
  • Reusable grains: the heirloom kefir water grains can be multiplied and cultured many times with zero loss of nutrients and properties.
  • Trustworthy: each kefir water grain sachet contains only clear ingredients, so you’re buying perfect, not deceiving results!

Go one step ahead with your kefir water, and prepare it yourself at home with reusable natural kefir water grains. Buy on Amazon

Make kefir at home with this fantastic plant-based kefir starter.

This is an excellent plant-based, dairy free, gluten free, organic and vegan option for you to prepare kefir water or milk at home:

  • Easy to use: you simply dissolve one starter packet into a gallon of juice! The process of full carbonation will be completed in 72 hours approximately.
  • Product packed with friendly Lactic Acid Bacteria for a drinkable and tasty beverage.

The pack includes 3 packets of starter culture and clear instructions to obtain 12 quarts of kefir. Buy on Amazon.

This portable and very practical on the go option is ideal for pretty busy daily schedules.

Improving your probiotic intake has never been easier and tastier!

  • Each serving is packed with billions of probiotics as well as live and active cultures.
  • These peach low fat smoothies provide 9 grams of protein and they are an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D as well.

These smoothies have a great flavor, they are practical and packed with live cultures, proteins and vitamins; no toxic persistent pesticides, antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, GMOs are used in its manufacturing. It’s only made with fresh quality ingredients to boost your immune system. Buy on Amazon

A lactose-intolerance friendly kefir milk packed with live and active probiotics to help your digestion.

Probiotics need food to grow and live such as the lactose found in milk or prebiotic fiber found in vegetables. But if your are lactose sensitive, don’t worry because this organic kefir cultured low fat milk is better tolerated:

  • 100% lactose free and certified gluten free
  • It works perfectly in smoothies and dips.
  • You can have a glass of this directly from the bottle, too. Delicious!
  • 100% organic and non-GMO ingredients included.

The live microorganisms in this organic kefir milk can be very beneficial to your health, as in boosting your digestive system. Buy on Amazon

Who doesn’t love vanilla flavor in a smoothie? Well, Lifeway again is meeting our wishes with this extremely tasty Madagascar vanilla kefir milk.

  • This drink has the probiotics and goodness of yogurt and is a tasty blend of tart and sweet.

Vanilla is everyone’s favorite because it can blend well with so many other flavors.

  • Versatile: try pouring this over oatmeal the night before, mixed it with almonds and dried fruit, and taken it to work for breakfast. This also makes for a good smoothie base.

To cut back on the sugar content and make it last longer, you may mix this Kefir with almond or soy milk–half Kefir and half milk– it tastes delicious when served cold! Up your probiotics intake with a cup per day… you won’t regret it. Buy on Amazon.

So, hopefully we got you covered with the most amazing and delicious kefir water, kefir milk, and kefir grains options available online. We strongly recommend trying to make your own kefir water, milk or smoothies at home; you could be surprised how much tastier and cheaper this is. But if you are super busy, any on the go smoothie will do. Give your immune and digestive system a boost by regularly taking kefir water or milk. See you next time, warrior!

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